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Are you a
good person?

The Goodness score: how do you measure up?

AI-generated NFT avatar that
unveils your goodness to the
Your badge of belonging to a club of changemakers that inspires others

Shaking up Philanthropy: why fit in when you can stand out?

We redefine what it means to give back for modern changemakers in the digital age.


Anonymous giving
is so Boomer!

Beyond altruism. Beyond talk. Unveil your impact to the world, inspire others, and elevate your goodness status.


Don’t stop at karma points, get rewarded!

Become a Good-Getter. Unlock rewards as your acts of kindness accumulate. The more you give, the more you receive, attracting more people to do the same, and creating a positive cycle of impact and benefits.


Giving reinvented. Finally, an impact NFT with real-world value

Stand Out As A Changemaker

Influence and inspire others with your proof of good.
Get your personalized
Earth Angel avatar as your badge of belonging.

Do Good, Get Rewarded

Get exclusive perks, and priority access from impact brands.  Online and IRL events. While we work on our mission to make purpose profitable for everyone.

Drive Measurable Change

A new, transparent way to make positive change where you display your impact verified on blockchain as part of your digital identity.

Influence Decisions

Use your avatar to have a voice. Make community key decisions for the causes you care about. Vote on important issues, and connect with corporate leaders.

Join A Powerful Community

Connect with a global network of changemakers. It's time to break the matrix and shape a better future.  By ourselves, we can't. Together, now we can.

Have Fun While Doing It!

Who said philanthropy needs to be boring? Fight the good fights and get your healthy dopamines in a platform where you can having fun while doing good.


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Welcome to the Earth Angels Club.

A club for a generation of thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

We believe in our responsibility to leave Earth better than we found it.

We are catalysts for change, determined to shift the paradigm.

We reject the prioritization of profit over people and the planet.

It's time for a new way of thinking, one that places humanity and the environment at the forefront.

We unite to demand that corporations uphold their commitment to social and environmental responsibility, irrespective of economic circumstances.

This is our moment to make a difference.

We are not mere consumers, but agents of change. We are not followers, but trailblazers. We are not just dreamers, but action-takers.

We are Earth Angels, and together we forge a brighter future for all.

Join us in our journey towards a sustainable and thriving world.

DALL·E 2023-05-18 12.40.43 - Give a more detailed face. Slender and beautiful face similar

Roadmap to doing good, everyday 

Shaping a future of transparent, fun, rewarding giving


Do good,
get noticed

A philanthropy report card for digital natives that is verifiable, sharable and builds your goodness status


  • AI personal assistant

  • Earth Angels Club

  • Discord gated forums


Do good,
get rewarded

Collaborations with leading impact projects and brands to introduce an integrated points and tokens system to reward good actions. 


  • Dynamic NFTs

  • Earth Angels IP

  • Genesis Collection


Do good,
get paid

AI matches your skills with gigs from impact brands aligned with the caused you support, allowing you to make purpose, profitable. 


  • Certified Cause Corps

  • Tokenization

  • AR, VR and metaverse


Do good,
every day

OUR VISION: A world where acts of good become an integral part of everyone's daily actions.
Philanthropy is driven bottom up.


  • New category of jobs

  • UNSDGs acceleration

  • ESG is THE strategy

Our Mission

Transform the way digital natives engage in philanthropy

Backed by Antler VC


Want to get a front seat spot for phase 2 and 3?

Thanks for submitting!

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